Universal warrior (UW) is one of the toughest courses in Europe, which is not part of the official training of special forces, but it is instead intended for the public. Universal Warrior is an extraordinary program that does not have a parallel in the Czech Republic. This is an extremely tough 96 hours of deployment, when the student is exposed to great physical and psychological pressure and examined from a variety of special skills. The course is lead by a team comprised of professionals from special units, doctors and psychologists. Everything is under constant review and managed so that students is balancing on the edge hit capabilities.

Successful graduates will receive a certificate for future employers, that ensures, that he is a true warrior, a professional, who is tested by the harshest way. Finally, the course is designed for fighters themselves, who thus know, who they are at the edge of their abilities, which they were not able to overlook by themselves.

Universal warrior course rules:

  • Agression, attack and conflict between course members leads to disqualification without compensation.
  • Attack on staff member leads to disqualification without compensation.
  • Nonfulfilment of given task leads to disqualification.
  • If a participant will get injured during first 24 hours, he can 1x repeat course for free in any future course.
  • Within each course instructors may select best participant of all, who may receive an official A knife. This is not claiming rule.
  • At the end of each year, the best Warrior will be selected and given golden badge.
  • Warrior, who will actively support course organisations, and be active in course participation, will be given after two years Medal for loyalty.