Universal warrior badge rules:

  • each succesful UW participant will obtain  bronze badge 
  • best participant of each course (if such will be chosen by instructors), obtains bronze badge and knife A 
  • best of annual course participants will get golden badge 

Universal warrior certificate rules:

  • Committing of an intentional crime, involvement in illegal organizations and radical movements lead to withdrawal of the certificate.
  • Graduate has the right to wear badge and other insignia, obtained in Universal warrior program.
  • 2x in a year there will be special course for UW participants for free. Only meals and accomodation will be paid by graduates.
  • Certificate validity is set up for 1 year. Prolongation is conditioned by participation on at least one of two annual special courses.
  • Graduate, who will not attend at least 1 special course a year, will lose prolongation chance and his certificate will not be valid. We cannot guarantee the quality of a man, which we don´t see anymore.
  • Warrior, who will actively support course organisations, and be active in course participation, will be given after two years Medal for loyalty.
NameCourse dateFinished (Yes/No)Valid certificate (Yes/No)Certificate No:Nationality
P.S.June 2015YesNoUV01072015
M.P.June 2015YesYesUV02072015
J.B.June 2015YesNoUV03072015
S.K.June 2015YesYesUV04072015
J.L.June 2015YesYesUV05072015
A.Š.October 2015YesYesUV06102015ikona vlajka
R.M.October 2015YesYesUV07102015
T.K.October 2015YesYesUV08102015
M.V.October 2015NoNo
D.Š.October 2015NoNo
T.D.October 2015NoNo
M.H.October 2015NoNo
J.G..July 2016YesYesUV09062016
D.S.July 2016NoNo
P.T.July 2016YesYesUV10062016
D.H.July 2016NoNoikona vlajka
M.K.July 2016YesYesUV11062016
M.H.July 2016YesYesUV12062016
J.K.July 2016NoNo
M.H.April 2017YesYesUV13042017
M.B.April 2017YesYesUV14042017
Y.T.April 2017YesYesUV15042017
R.H.April 2017NoNoikona vlajka
F.H.April 2017NoNoikona vlajka
F.T.April 2017NoNo
S.B.September 2017YesYesUV16092017
P.Š.September 2017YesYesUV18092017
P.P.September 2017YesYesUV17092017
L.K.September 2017NoNo
H.U.September 2017NoNo
H.U.April 2018YesYesUV18042018
M.S.April 2018YesYesUV17042018
F.T.April 2018YesYesUV16042018
P.Š.April 2018NoNo
R.H.April 2018NoNoikona vlajka
I.M.April 2018NoNoikona vlajka
F.H.April 2018NoNoikona vlajka