The Universal Warrior is a human, a warrior who has verified his abilities and skills in the most brutal way. A man who has demonstrated the ability to think independently and make decisions under enormous psychological and physical pressure. A person who has a number of skills such as physical fitness and high-level dexterity, under-stress shooting, combat swimming, work at heights, medics, team thinking. The universal warrior is above all a man who believes in himself, and you can trust in his abilities.

Idea I.

The first idea of creating a system of authority, which would ensure the quality of people, was after the search of adequate security personnel to hostile destinations deployment. Parent company – The Agency, SE announced a tender for the post of staff security in crisis countries with the request for CV of applicants. After 30 days of work and verification of individual CV, we concluded, that almost 90% of applicants were lying in their biographies lying or, yet they possess certificates of training companies or british authoroties, they know almost nothing. Based on this initial finding, the 96hours – Universal warrior course was set up. Purpose of the course is to separate the wheat from the chaff and to examine the actual quality of security personnel. The time has come to change something. We want to guarantee, that a person who completes this course has real quality and not just quality paper.

Idea II.

Many employers and security personnel, especially bodyguards, or other highly specialized expertise in the field of security,  have no chance to see, if they hire the right person for their job. If certificates collector, who applies for a job, is a real expert or just a theorist. Universal warrior 96 hours is such a course, which simplifies the selection. If an employer will request from job seeker UW certificate, he can immediatelly find out, if he has the right person in front of him. The certificate validity can be also immediatelly checked online on our site.

Idea III.

Fellowship, community, family. Not everyone had a chance to work in a special forces team, and not everyone has experienced at least a mandatory military service. However, we believe that somewhere in the people this spirit lives, we believe, that the younger generation is not as slacked off, as it seems. We believe, that every man carries within itself a desire to prove something, to belong somewhere and to be part of something special. We believe, that the pride, that we feel when our hockey players win world championshiop, can tbe overrun by even a greater experience. Experience of personal victory over himself.  To be able himself to go beyond his limits, where he had no chance to look. You can be sure, that at the end you will experience a euphoric feeling, that has no substitute. You will belong to a family of men, who have the same skills. Therefore, universal warrior is not just a course. It’s a team, that will continue to unite, meet, and help each other, if needed. At the end of each course will be invited all warriors, to welcome new family members, after succesful graduation of the course. Four times a year, we will implement a specialized course for a warrior for free, by which we will maintain a constant level of each warrior. We want each graduate to wear the insignia warrior with pride and deservedly, because he has done something. He won over himself.