2022 course starts in:

I created the Universal warrior program as a result of last months experience, when I received a number of CV´s from “warriors” who bore signs of fictional stories, or copying someone else’s life. I realized that although I have worked in security area for last 25 years, it is very difficult to verify the authenticity of reported data. I have no desire, strength nor time for it. Universal warrior will examine everything, not only for my company, but for all, who need quality people for security and do not want to rely solely on the resumes. I guarantee, that the Universal warrior course can not be passed by any slob, or mentally ill person. There is hugh give up rate, course is under supervision by experienced professionals.  No chance for easement, or bending the rules. These requests have the opposite effect on me. Make it or leave it.  Nothing in between ..                 Miroslav Pasterčík 

I will not give up! Never!

For 96 hours I fulfilled given tasks under constant psychological and physical pressure, with minimum sleep and food.

dva odznaky

I took part in the toughest course in Europe, and showed my resistance, determination and readiness to fight.

I am Universal Warrior